Eury Kim

Eury Kim


South Korea- born Australian artist, currently based in Seoul.

"The early immigration period was difficult to communicate in the language, but the sense of isolation has driven me into creating art as another way of communication. Since then, art never left me."

Since 2015, Eury moved back to Korea and started her art series that involves Korean poetic approach in fine art. The latest series contains flows and rhythms of Eastern art in the absorption of Western form, texture and colour. The artworks convey the world that may not be visible but the dreamlike imagery. The artist's recent works display a poetic space formed by fairytale-like natural environment and symbols with Korean traditional art approach, creating a hidden, mystic and dreamy atmosphere. In collaboration with her personal feelings, she recorded certain visual scenes that remembered from her dreams and imagination.

2017University of Liverpool, Applied psychology, Master of Science graduated
2008 University of New South Wales, College of Fine Art (COFA), Bachelor of Design, graduated

Art Prize
2016 Korean Pop Art Award, Creative artist prize

Solo exhibition
2019 ‘Untold Secrets’, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) Gallery, Seoul
2017 ‘The forest of nirvana’, Gallery Knot, Seoul
Café gallery Solo exhibition
2019 ‘Begin Again’, Salon Riah, Seoul
2017, Mar. ‘Something about beauty, Kaffee Pot, Bucheon
2016, Nov. ‘After-image’, Bandi café gallery, Seoul

Group exhibition
2019.07 Portraits, Ecorock gallery, Seoul
2019.06 Frontier Project 2019, Gallery Misulsegye, Seoul
2018. 09 Gone and forgotten, The Museum of Hanyang University, Seoul
2018.07 3p.m. Trio exhibition, Gallery Ilho, Seoul
2018.06 Ungsoon in the forest of Nirvana , Duo exhibition, Goyang Council, Gyenggido
2018.05 100 artists and 100 artworks, Hyundai Department Store, Seoul
2018.05 Hug Therapy, Ecorock Gallery, Seoul
2018.04 100 artists and 100 artworks, Hyundai Department Store, Seoul
2018.03 500 dollars exhibition, Gyeong Min Contemporary art museum, Gyeonggido
2018.03 Like Spring, Eun-pyeong Yonsei Hospital. Seoul
2017.12 The light of fireflies, Gallery Bandi, Seoul
2017.11 First art purchase exhbition, Ecorock Gallery, Seoul
2017.10 The Rooftop festival, Saewoon Building, Seoul
2017.09 The Rooftop festival, Eun-pyeong Community Center, Seoul
2017, Aug. ‘Edo Gong Gan’. Gallery Ilho, Seoul
2017, July. ‘Legot: Korean Pop Art’, Korean Cultural Center, Shanghai
2017, April. ‘Catalogue Raisonne’ Ecorock Gallery, Seoul
2017, Mar. ‘Spring, again’ Ecorock Gallery, Seoul
2017, Mar. Korea Style Week Collection Fair, Coex exhibition hall, Seoul
2017, Jan. ‘See Spring’ @ Gallery Mac, Mapo Art Center, Seoul
2017, Jan. Gallery Ilho, Seoul
2016, Oct. Pop Art Festival @ Naru Art Center, Seoul
2016, Oct. World Street Dance Festival Outdoor art exhibition, Seoul
2016, May. ‘Youth II’ @ Alpha Gallery, Seoul
2015, May. ‘Nothing is new everything’ @ Space 8, Brussel
2007 COFA Annual Exhibition @ COFA, University of New South Wales, Sydney

International Art Fair
2017-19 Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
2017-19Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
2018-19 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
2019 Plas Contemporary Art Show, Seoul
2019 BAMA Busan Annual Market of Art
2018-19 Seoul Art Show, Seoul


The Guide Artist Magazine Release Issue 01 March 2017 edited by Ramon A. Oliva