C.E.T. Chicu Eugenia Touma

C.E.T. Chicu Eugenia Touma


At the age of 34 Eugenia, not only managed to become Art Curator of one of the biggest Art Auctions By Painters in Cyprus, but she is also actively participating as an Artist herself, in many local and international Art exhibitions. Although she was born and raised in Moldova, Eugenia decided to move to Cyprus, because the “Mediterranean climate, culture and hospitality, push her creativity beyond her limits and she feels like home", as she often mentioned. Her international experience many times works as an extra gift, since she can communicate in several languages and absorb various cultural elements and information, which she always tries to include in her Artistic creations. Eugenia was always interested in Art but her Artistic path as a professional Artist kicked off in 2017, when she had her first appearance in a group exhibition. Soon after she organised her first solo exhibition in 2019. Eugenia, experimented with many different materials and styles but at this current moment, vibrant acrylic colours, Impressionism and Expressionism, are the main sources of inspiration and ideas that she likes to explore in depth and utilize for producing her distinctive paintings with nature subjects as landscapes, seascapes and animal portraits. Eugenia, also has an ardent passion for Photography, loves travelling and during her spare time likes to discover the secrets of nature through forest hiking.

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Black and white art



Flowers and plants


Food and beverages , art for kitchen

Fishes and Sea Creatures

Humans, women, men and kids



Landscape Plants, Seascape Skyscape