Etoile Bohemien

Etoile Bohemien

Etoile Bohemien is a way to live, the research of freedom of thought, the space of inner being, the space for Art, where anyone can find himself.
Founded by Fausto Fiato, artist and painter, and Carolina Buonocore, It's based in Gragnano, Naples. The project is a space where people can meet the art.
For us Art is the vehicle for communication with soul.
Fausto Fiato was born in Gragnano, Naples, September 10, 1981.
After his High School Certificate in 2001, he attended the required course in Painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Naples, where he graduated with honours.

Over the years Fausto has been going through several techniques and languages: Realism, Abstract Art, Metaphysics.
His research is about the continuous changes of matter in a space-time relationship. His space is the contemporary one : flows of information and images, words, sounds overlapping on and on. His matter is the chaotic Thought. The work consists of different techniques and materials: paintings, photographs, digital prints, fabrics, woods, sounds live on large surfaces, as fragments of an only lyric.
Fausto has been participating in many exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2005 he was selected for the National Arts Award organized by the Italian Ministry of Education , getting the Honourable Mention.
He carries on his own research in Gragnano, Naples.


Abstract color