Nude sketches

Nude sketches

Etienne Bonnet
Paris France
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- 1974/78 : Penninghen (Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques – Paris)
- 1978/90 : graphic designer on PC
- 1990/2012 : personal plastic research
- 2012/2016 : exhibitions in Parisian brasseries and restaurants
- 2014: Grand Palais Museum, Salon des Artistes indépendants
- April 2015: Mona Lisa Galerie, Rue de Varenne, Paris
- November 2015 : Golden Blog Awards nominee: "A unique tribute to beauty and feminine sensuality"
- May 2016 : Exhibition - Grand Marché of Contemporary Art - Paris Bastille
- June 2016 : collective exhibition at the Town Hall of the 5th arrondissement of Paris
- May 2017 : Exhibition - Grand Marché of Contemporary Art - Paris Bastille

Work présentation :
- for 4 or 5 years, I work almost exclusively on the female living model
- quick drawing with pastel on thick kraft, size 30x40 cm and 60x80cm

The opinion of a friend:
"We feel that these touching women bodies can break at any moment, an impression of fragility and vulnerability, these women offer themselves naked always, sometimes in a pleasure not always chosen, a little despair passes in their hair and faces, it is ungrateful but touching, endearing, we would like to cover them, they sometimes look like those skinny pussies, tired of having given too much, too loved ... A song of Reggiani comes back to me, Lautrec is not far and Schiele always .."