Ethereal Art by Jen

Ethereal Art by Jen

Hi! My name is Jennifer, Jen to most people. I am a mom, a daughter, a sister, a musician, and an artist. I love music, mainly rock and metal, and I love art, especially abstract. I started drawing when I was 2, and I would illustrate book "covers" for any books I aspired to write at the ripe age of 8. :) Through high school, my love for fine and English arts grew. I entered a few drawings in the local fair in 1999 and won first place, and I began writing poetry and submitting my poems for publication. In 2006, I was accepted into the University of Texas in Austin for Studio Art. While my stay at UT was short lived, the techniques I learned in my design and drawing classes were extremely valuable, and hold dear to my heart today. I have also written several acoustic songs and play guitar.

I am a very sensitive, emotional person, and consider myself an empath. I can immediately sense moods and vibrations from people around me, and a lot of those aspects influence my current artwork. My favorite color is blue, so if you see a lot of blue, I probably painted it! I am currently working on one word emotion abstract paintings, but my mind may wander to the night sky or the beach every once in a while (there's just something about stars and waves that are mesmerizing to me...). I am in the process of stepping out of my comfort zone and getting myself "out there" after years of knowing I should be getting my art into the world, but always being afraid.

I have participated in Waco Uptown Artwalk and First Friday at the Susan L. Sistrunk Fine Art Gallery, as well as Out on the Brazos, The Waco Wellness Seasonal Holistic and Metaphysical Fair, and Mystic Moon Night Market in Waco, TX. I have also been a vendor at the New Moon Market in Tyler.

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram at Ethereal_art_by_jen. I have been featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine, and participated in the Alternative Perspectives exhibit at Gallery Main Street in Tyler October-November 2018. My piece "Resilience" was featured in the online exhibition "The Heart" through The Artist's Circle Gallery in Austin, Texas. You can check it out here:.
"Resilience" was also on an all-in-one makeup palette introduced in 2021 by Honeybee Gardens based out of Pennsylvania, USA.

Please visit my website at for more prints, authentic gemstone bracelets, homemade candles, and more!

I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to get to know me and my artwork. It means so much. Thank you and have a wonderful, blessed day!

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