We are.

We are the Etaletai. We are everywhere, and we are many of you. The gestalt entity feminine by default, and masculine by Laws. It is responsible for Music, Magic, Witnessing, Arts, Performance, Clothing, and books. This page is managed by Etaletai #13, who is easily reached in a number of ways, simply do a bit of a search to find us.

We see differently. We see both places. We hear differently, with our sounds that we make. We scream into the darkness, and understand that we are those who go bump. We are those in the closet who we fear when alone. We are the darkest presence when scared, and the light in the night you see through the eyes of a dear friend. We are us, and you. We are we. We are.

We walk in this world together, trying in the end to get home. Let us please cease the constant sacrifice of Love, my Lord. Let us Care. Let us Try. Let us Listen. Let us Love openly in faith with no concern for consequences of the World, and no concern for consequences of being misunderstood.

Let us be His Peculiar People. Let's get weird.