Perrie Estelle

Perrie Estelle

A big huge HELLO! and welcome to one of my online galleries.
For a while now I have been trying to find my own style and it has taken me a while to finally establish it. My art (as all art is) is a very unique style, mixing my love of psychology, surrealism and illustration in to one, creating some very strange images that could keep you occupied for hours.

I am a very young at heart 24 year old girl based in what once was 'the garden of england' and is now more the "awful grey sludge left behind after the snow has been attacked with numerous amount of cars whilst they drip their diesel and petrol behind on to the white snow" of UK, hopefully you read that without taking a breath in between because thats EXACTLY how it feels to live here.

My art comes from the desperate need to escape reality and is a representation of how over thinking something small can create something a lot bigger than was ever meant to be.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my art even if you chooose not to buy any, Peace.