Espinasse31 Milano Artist’s Residency aims to bring to Milan pop and street artists from all over the world.

Used to leave their trademark traveling worldwide, street artists are widely considered to be the XXI century’s “globe trotters”.

Their international experience, mixed with the sophisticated techniques of their “academic” peers, resulted in a new wave of contemporary art, characterized by a strong form of individualism.

The artists are hosted in the inspiring spaces of a former print factory for 3/4 week-long periods, during which they can work either alone or collaborate with other artists. As a matter of fact, Espinasse31 encourages the exchange of ideas, techniques and artistic languages, in order to bring to life groundbreaking and previously unseen works. Espinasse31’s street artists are now strictly selected by their ability to transpose their murals into fascinating indoor works, and by their curriculum.

Espinasse 31 Promote Urban and Street Art, as well as related cultural practices, by hosting some of the most influential and prolific artists to stay for short periods of time - about a month - during which they will participate in workshops, meetings and they, will conceive a series of works. Each residency project will end with events and group exhibitions.

Offer guest artists a platform to showcase their artwork and create artistic and social opportunities that could continue after the time scheduled at the residence.

Create a community based around Epinasse31 through intercultural dialogue, encouraging collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among the local community and the artists in residence.

Explore, produce and stimulate the aesthetic and critical thinking, the social intervention in art, and inspire the local community, the artists and visitors to be aware of the different forms of art, endorsing them as fundamental elements of a cultural self-consciousness.​

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