Elizabeth Seta

Elizabeth Seta


I was born in Warsaw, Poland. At a young age I moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada where I lived and worked for most of my life.
Recently however, I made the choice to quit my spiritless job and move up country to the town of Likely, BC.
It is a small town surrounded by landscapes of water and mountains. Here I can go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more.

From an early age my passion for Art was expressed through playing piano, but I did not feel that it was fulfilling my void of maximum creativity. I embarked upon my painting journey in 2007 and haven’t ever looked back.

The very first day I purchased my own brushes and a blank canvas, I instantly fell in love and knew that I would be able to completely express myself through the art of painting. First I started painting abstract forms and I instantly became immersed in the fact that there were no limits and the possibilities were endless. Adding bright, earthy colours, geometric shapes and nature all in one piece. I strive to combine all of these elements in most of my abstract paintings.
A few years ago I started a series of paintings with wood boards/panels, and tree branches permanently attached to the canvases. Some have unique wood frames and some have just wood panels attached to them. Attaching different elements to canvases create unusual 3D effects.

Most of my pieces from the Wood Series were selected to be exhibited at the prestigious LeSoleil Fine Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC.
I continue to experiment with new techniques, paints, brushes and materials. At times I create in a more realistic way and at times I can be more abstract in my expression.
I am a multidisciplinary painter, but I prefer acrylics and tend to incorporate different mediums to provide a sense of texture to each piece. I believe that a painting should not just be looked at, but also touched to really connect with the piece.

Recently, I also started drawing portraits with graphite and charcoal pencils. It is a new and exciting area for me to explore further.

As an artist, I am essentially interested in creating works that call for the participation of the audience to the same extent as my involvement in it. It is my hope that people take time from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and for a while enjoy the beauty of ART. Every picture tells a story…. Less

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