My gray blobs of paint carry a slight feeling which combine together to form a figure.
A face narrating the story of humans’ common feelings. The ones which make us closer at a point however, small.
On my canvas emotions and coincidences are elements as tangled lines which can have our minds freely float.
And it gives you the experience of creation , destruction and innovation.
Till our conscious and subconscious mind pace together to make a face derived from a conceptual image by a texture of the paint. An unable face to express its own tail , but as the very first words of an unwritten chapter. And “you”are the one to end it with chapter coming from your own life.

(B.A )Architecture , Mohghegh University of Ardabil ,Iran,(2006-2011)

* participating in caricaturists’ crew of “Gol Agha children’s magazine (2003-2004)
*Designing and supervising over 100+ buildings and constructions (2010- 2016)
*participating in “Aknoon permanent art gallery “ (2016-present)
*holding group exhibitions in “Aliha” , ”Abad” , ”Elahi” , ”Khatam “ art galleries (2016-2019)
*holding individual exhibition in “ Aliha “ art gallery (2017)

*holding second rank of Guilan Privince caricature festival “addiction “ ( 2003)
*holding second rank of “Iran’s art festival “2018”