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Of Indian heritage, Errol has been based in Worcestershire, UK, for the past four decades.
Having spent two years in art collage in Bombay, aged 18, he left the course to spend several early years as a professional Keyboard musician. Based in London he travelled across Europe, as part of a backing group for many Motown touring US artists including, The Drifters, The Temptations, and many more, culminating in being asked by Mick Jager to play at his first wedding in San Trope, France, where the group was based. He returned to the UK forming and running his own successful Financial Service Company, in Cleobury Mortimer, Worcestershire, finally taking up art where he left off all those years ago. Retirement to some is travelling, and holidays, to him it is painting, exhibiting and selling his artwork.
His studio is in his new home in Stone a small village on the outskirts of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK.
He exhibits regularly in Worcester at the Worcester Museum and Art Gallery, where he usually sells what every he exhibits. The majority of his work is sold to clients in Worcestershire, with some going to London and the South West. A few items have gone to the US. He has also held a one-man exhibition where he sold nine paintings on the first day.
Errol won the SAA AOY award in 2017 in one of the categories with his “Hare with attitude” painting. This was the first competition he entered. He experiments with mixed media and is more comfortable with acrylics. Size wise his largest paintings are 36” X 18” or 30” X 20”. Lately, he is being creative with 3D effects using items from his garden. Creating a variety of affordable paintings from Abstract, Land & Seascapes, Cityscapes, animals, birds & wildlife, mainly on boxed canvas and canvas board, but sometimes on Watercolour paper and board. Mixed media has aroused his interest in all categories and subject matter.
He is not a realist painter. “I like to see my subject matter come out of the canvas and towards the viewer. I am interested in all aspects of 3D art. I also love using bright colours to make a statement”. Currently he paints in series, the latest being ‘The Snow series’. He has a portfolio of his work in a Flipbook, available Free of charge.
Currently he is not exclusively represented by any Art Gallery.

Blue on Blue (2nd in the series of 4

New work


Birds and Animals