Erman Agustin Cruz Art Gallery

Erman Agustin Cruz Art Gallery

I collect some of this artworks from estate sales around the finest neighborhood of San Diego, Ca. I regularly visit those estate sales. Please feel free to ask if you have in mind that I can possibly look for artworks that might have on estate sales here. Thank you for visiting.

Erman Agustin Cruz

Peck Piñon "LAST SUPPER"

H. Tournay (1890) House by the River

Beach Coast by Harper (1959)

Ocean View by the Clip - Harper

Lakeside House by R.Danford

House & Boat by R.Danford

Sunset by Mickey Clark

Tin Odescalchi 'Vines' Oil 6.5" x 19

Carlo Of Hollywood "Venice Canal"

Teeing up on a foggy morning