At the age of 11 Erik Tanghe gets his first camera from his parents.
He discovers photography and later on film.
both worlds will keep on fascinating him till today.
Being a photographer-journalist he wonders the world, getting fascinated by tropical forests, jungles and mountains of which he climbs many...
In nature he finds peace for his inner soul...

Even if Erik Tanghe alias ET already started making drawings and paintings during his childhood
it was always a way to tell stories (cartoons) or a desperate try to depict and copy reality
Only after lots of years of taking pictures and copying the real world, he starts looking for a way
to show his inner world...the things he can’t capture on film or pixel...
In a slow process of letting go, he starts relying more and more on his own unfiltered imagination, translating it directly onto canvas.
the different way in which ‘ET’ sees things, the reason he always felt like an alien on this planet,
has now become beauty...

as a proof of authenticy Erik Tanghe provides ‘most’ paintings with an ‘ET’ signature made with nails of his hands.
as a DNA certificate is delivered with every piece of art each buyer has an impossible to counterfeit proof of having a unique piece of art made by the artist.


Panoramical Photographs


digital art