Erik Cheung

Erik Cheung

My life's work has been to explore the possibilities of lines and shapes to realize a subconscious revelation.
This study is based on the Surrealists' Automatic Drawings. Important discoveries have been made so far as envisioning compositions from a haystack of scribble lines.
No other artists have focused on this same mission, and even if there is, neither has anyone reached such maturity.
To support this vision, I ask that you share my compositions in your own ways/channels.
Purchasing my works would help as you would own something of potential value (if you are a serious collector). Otherwise, an action to help spread my findings would be just as fulfilling.
There are millions of images created in the world and I would hate to see this study submerged.


Erik Cheung (, explores the diversity of lines throughout his artistic life. Both his abstracts and representational works is a quest for an alternate grace, explorations, documenting moments, a metamorphosis, transitions of approaches and the subconscious.

Over the years, he followed the different art genres in history as he developed his own philosophy and outlook. Michelangelo, Monet, Schiele, Klimt, Hundertwasser, Joan Mitchell were then, one after another, his idols to study from, but he always managed to grow out of each with a quality gained.

He was juried into the North Park Gallery exhibition in 1988 just upon graduation. Soon after, he relocated and took up an art teaching profession for 20 years in Hong Kong. During which time started his long list of art exhibitions on the side. While teaching students, he was exposed to calligraphy and various disciplines of designs. These knowledge were later adapted and applied into his life size drawings and paintings.

Over the teaching years, he traveled widely to France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, China, the States and even Australia to expand his worldly view and mainly to see quality art in person. It was 2010 when he moved back to Canada for good. It was a time of change and so his art followed.

In recent years, his abstracts focused on clarity and were done in balanced harmony. They belong to Minimalism to the extent of applying only red, gold, and black while celebrating the concept of space, contrast and balance. His lines, both continuous and broken, speak of unity over direction. But the transitions did not stop there, abstraction was eventually seen as a hindrance.

Realizing how mass produced abstracts are, he started to seek for an alternate perspective. By swinging the pendulum back into representational works, he retreated into presenting an inner landscape. The new attempts have become dreamy, surreal, expressive, bittersweet, narrative, hypnotic, loose and flowing, pondering. Lines in flourishes tie the composition with a subdued strength while the presentation balances on the verge of recognition.

He now resides in Edmonton as a local artist. Last year, he received the 150 in 150 award in the visual arts category and started showing his work at the Lotus Gallery. His artwork has been sold to private collectors in the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong over the years.

IG: @artoferikcheung

All works are categorized according to the different phases. Each is a stage that brings forth the next. May be they are different in styles, but the mastery of lines always play as the link.


acrylics on acrylic

Spontaneous abstract sketches 2016

Idea sketches 2016

subconscious compositions stage I

semi-figurative 2002-2010

Absolute abstraction 2017