Eric Austin

Eric Austin

Eric is of Cuban descent and was born in Orlando FL, United States, where he lived for most of his childhood until moving to New Jersey through his teens and is currently residing in Olympia WA. Austin was always very introverted and spent a lot of time retracted in his own thoughts and imagination. Austin was always very inspired and displayed an abundance of fascination and joy growing up even in light of having to deal with stressful and emotionally sculpting circumstances, including the death of a sibling, divorce of his parents, and even being kidnapped with his older sister and taken to Puerto Rico for a short time, only to be recovered and returned to his family months later.

Other than a few art classes Austin took during his high school years, Eric has no formal training in art, and is completely self taught. He’s been drawing since he could hold a pencil and, as he grew up, his interest in art in general was increasing as he perceived it was a perfect channel to bring his visions, ideas and thoughts into fruition. Austin created his first painting at the age of 16, and continues to evolve his unique and beautiful style.

Eric’s idea of art goes far beyond the material/conceptual character given to it by the contemporary era. “It is something sacred, intrinsically bonded to the eternal spirit.”

Eric says,“A piece of art is like a fingerprint of god pressed onto a canvas or willed into a lump of clay through the artist vessel. An artist exchanges a period of his life for the creation of a vision, once this vision has taken completed tangible form their it rests for the world to luster at it’s merciless beauty even long after the artist has past. A piece of art is a facet of an artists life captured and frozen in time. To look at a good piece of art is to look at god himself working through the human paintbrush. Beautiful art reflects something that cannot be explained, only absorbed while caught in the short-lived tyranny that comes with observing true eternal beauty. The artist must be an instrument, a dance partner with the divine and the infinite genius that permeates all things to unveil what is occult from the ordinary eye, to reveal truth’s smile to the world, and to awaken the soul through beauty. The artist is a worker for the Universe, and a translator for the heavens.”

Based in these beliefs, he intends to explore metaphysical concepts and the human mind and soul in an archetypal, symbolical form. His work deals with themes like life and its cycles, the unconscious, the sacred feminine, transformation and spiritual evolution and the connections of man with Nature and the Universe. Stylistically his art contains elements of the Art Nouveau and Jugendstil, with a more contemporary approach, which puts it also close to the pop art. His works take us through colorful, swirly images of beautiful, powerful women in alternate realities. Austin focuses on a combination of fine planning, and stream of consciousness painting, letting colors, lines and shapes emerge from his sub-conscious as he lets his paintbrush dance with and around the pre-determined subject in the painting in a completely unique and recognizable fluid style.

In most of his works, there is a central female who was chosen by Austin for “…some emotion that resonated within the image that I wanted to reflect back”. Austin selects a specific woman that has a particular aura of softness and unmistakable natural beauty. From there he goes to work deconstructing and rebuilding that women in his own eye, letting the background evolve around it.
The end result is an alluring explosion of color and imagery, that adds unique and noticeable beauty to any room that is displayed in, with each painting pulling the viewer in for closer inspection, and deeper fascination.