Erica Engman

Erica Engman

Hello! Welcome to my gallery!

Thank you for taking the time, and interest in my work to see for yourself what I have to offer you on this website. This description about me, my so-called biography that you're reading now. It's quite long but is very much detailed in the way I create my peaces of artwork, that you will see here.

In particular, the photographs that I offer you to purchase our, From the Beautiful Landscapes of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Where I have lived in most of my adult life. As for the way they are assembled. I will give you the details right now. When the photographs are finished, they are the size of 20 X 30. The frames are cherry wood picture frames. Either with glass or, some with plastic inside the picture frame instead of using glass .

For more personal details about me and my work please continue to read below, thank you for your time on reading about me.

Artwork was made myself, a freelance commercial artist & photographer, for several years sense 2004. Like most people starting a business I had a part-time job, then had to put the photography on hold, for a few months. 12 years later I have a modest business from my freelance commercial artwork and my photography work. I thought it would be very important for all of you to know my art work of background details. I've been an artist since I was a little kid. With my pencil art drawings, and I've been doing it ever since. And now I'm happy to say I'm now a professional artist with my landscape drawings.

My qualifications are, I'm a freelance commercial artist; Landscape Photographer; my commercial artist services include the following. Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Personal Invitations, Designing Restaurant menus, and more, I am also in the service of doing personal portraits now. By using my art skills that I have.

My pencil artwork Creations they Include Landscapes. Western Style Scenes, and classical Victorian artwork. When I make a piece of artwork. I usually use the method of pencils, colored Pan pastels & ebony pencils.


When it comes to finishing a piece of pencil or, my Pan Pastel/Ebony Pencils artwork. My method is when the client hires me to make the portrait of a person. They give me a copy of the picture of the person they want the portrait of after portrait is done. Then I have them professionally sized Up on Kodak paper. Then have them professionally framed by my manufacturer. I use my method of ebony pencils Pan pastels and other techniques to finish a commission of a personal portrait, they only come in two sizes. Small size is; 8.5 X 11, the largest size is; 20 X 30. They both come in a cherrywood picture frame display.
When it comes to buying off the artpal website, these are my conditions for you to purchase my artwork off the Internet.

When it comes to my pencil art work that I have framed. The frames are put together in cherry wood picture frames. Are Manufactured by my supplier, The sizes are 20 X 30. Or, 8.5 X 11. Shipping price is usually $20 no matter what size I sell.

I set the prices. I choose the artwork, I only have one price for each item. And they only come in just the one size that I specify in each items added to my gallery on this website.

Well, to an art lover like yourself, and myself. And an artist and collector in my own right. Hope my pictures can fill your rooms with joy, and light. And if you decide to purchase one. I hope they make you smile. Thank you for taking time to find out more about me; Hope to make contact soon. So you can make a purchase off this particular, artpal website.

Or if you wish to have my business services I described in this introduction, please fill free to contact me,
My phone number is 1-719-539-4076.
Working Hours Are; Mon. – Fri.
10 AM. – 3:30 PM.
If you try to call, and you don't get an answer.
Leave message on the machine.
Can't wait to hear from you… we'll talk then.
Thank you, very much!
Sincerely; Erica Engman!

Erica Engman