Erica Engman

Erica Engman

Hello! Welcome to my gallery!

Thank you for taking the time, and interest in my work to see for yourself what I have to offer you on this website. This description about me, my so-called biography that you're reading now. It's quite long but is very much detailed in the way I create my peaces of artwork, that you will see here.

In particular, the photographs that I offer you to purchase our, From the Beautiful Landscapes of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Where I have lived in most of my adult life. As for the way they are assembled. I will give you the details right now. When the photographs are finished, they are the size of 20 X 30. The frames are cherry wood picture frames. Either with glass or, some with plastic inside the picture frame instead of using glass .

For more personal details about me and my work please continue to read below, thank you for your time on reading about me.

Artwork was made myself, a freelance commercial artist & photographer, for nearly 12 years. Like most people starting a business I had a part-time job, then had to put the photography on hold, for a few months. 12 years later I have a modest business from my freelance commercial artwork and my photography work.

I thought it would be very important for all of you to know my art work of background details. I've been an artist since I was a little kid. With my pencil art drawings, and I've been doing it ever since. And now I'm happy to say I'm now a professional artist with my landscape drawings.
My qualifications are, I'm a freelance commercial artist; Landscape Photographer; my commercial artist services include the following. Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Personal Invitations, Designing Restaurants menus, and more... I also make people's portraits using my art skills that I have.


My pencil artwork Creations they Include Landscapes. Western Style Scenes, and classical Victorian artwork. When I make a piece of artwork. I usually use the method of pencils, number two and ebony pencils.
When it comes to finishing a piece of pencil or chalk artwork my method is when the client hires me to make the portrait of a person. They give me a copy of the picture of the person they want the portrait of after portrait is done. Then I have them professionally sized up on Kodak paper. Then have them professionally framed by my manufacturer. For the moment I am only using ebony pencils for portraits instead of colored chalk like I use for my drawings of landscapes.

When it comes to my pencil art work that I have framed. The frames are put together in cherry wood picture frames. Are Manufactured by my supplier, The sizes are 20 X 30. Or, 8.5 X 11. Shipping price is usually $20 no matter what size I sell.

I set the prices. I choose the artwork, I only have one price for each item. And they only come in just the one size that I specify in each items added to my gallery on this website.

I hope this answers some of the questions? That you might have about me hope you enjoyed reading this. Hope to do business soon, I hope you find enjoyment in looking at my work that I've done.

Well, to an art lover like yourself, and myself. And an artist and collector in my own right. I help my pictures can fill your rooms with joy, and light. And if you decide to purchase one. I hope they make you smile.
Here is my eBay listing link;

Thank you for taking time to find out more about me; hope to make contact soon. So you can make a purchase.

Thank you, very much!

Sincerely; Erica Engman

Erica Engman