Niklas Augustsson

Niklas Augustsson

Hello dear friends, here walks a swede in the sunny valley of inspiration. I've been painting since childhood and each picture is a view into the inner world. I seek to express harmony and balance in form and color.I take inspiration from the books of ayn randh and am a believer in reason. I love exploring and have read books from all walks of life and have tried many forms of physical activities.

The relative condition of the human being is in constant movement,evaluating its place among peers.The social contract wllfully agrees with people of the higher ranks,not so for the less educationally fortunate.Socioeconomical stratas invigors car industry, luxury products and social media.The necessity to step away from the societal strata and reanimate personal inner dimensions is a perillous journey,a path to the non existent roads of individualism.Doing so resisting limelight as a reward is against common strength.We have a mission in pertaining intrinsic values in form of integrity,strenght and valor,as well as kindness to those we truly value.Kinship may be the most importtant part of our life,but in close vascinity comes the work of the true producer,the valuemaker whose inner ego creates a change for the surrounding populus.In itself the ego is the everything,the world which is the earthmover without moving the world outside.

The path of the righteous character is slim and unfriendly. Police of morals exists around but true honor and kindness is seldom found. To in each person find a hero, not a villain is truly godly. Each and every product of the womb has one angel and one demon.

Hälsningar/with kind regards