Virgin Suicide by EO

Virgin Suicide by EO

©2017 Photo Expo by Eric Ouaknine fashion photographer & Christelle Minbourg makeup artist;

Before becoming this amazing photographer he is today, world renowned French photographer Eric Ouaknine was a nurse.
We will have to ask him what caused him to make this drastic transition from nursing to photography, although it very well could have been the painful experience with depression, suicide, and death he had studied and was witnessing on an ongoing basis.
He created the following art collection depicting the separation between the horrible act of suicide and the beauty of the soul within. It's graphic, but nonetheless stunning.
(by Joelle Osias L.A.)

French photographer based in Paris Eric Ouaknine possesses a unique style that is red-hot, beyond fashionable and completely original. Mainly shooting fashion editorial and advertising campaigns, Eric began his photography career shooting landscapes, model portfolios, and portraits. His exotic ad campaigns and exquisitely styled couture photos are conveyed through his completely original artistic vision. Eric's personal approach to his business is based on his firm belief in the value of the client relationship. Aiming to deliver more than just an image, his goal is a heightened sculptural sensitivity bringing a responsive awareness to the visual message through the photographic medium.

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