Energy ART

Energy ART

My name is Elena Averina and I am a professional artist from St. Petersburg.
Since childhood, I see the world in a special way, with subtle subtle streams of energy. In recognizing the unique character traits, hidden abilities, and forces, which not everyone even knows about.
Through the artistic process, I try to show all the beauty of the inner world, the special atmosphere of sensitivity and emotions, I reveal an additional source of energy.
Creativity accompanies me all my life. From a very young age, I drew, attended art school courses, graduated with a degree in environmental design, and worked as an interior designer. Then, for 8 years, they were professionally engaged in photography and conducted creative photo sessions.
In addition, I mean a higher psychological education and supersensory perception, which together helps me make the most of a person.
I work in different styles: universal, symbolism, surrealism, fantasy, spiritual art, etc. Various designer materials are also used (paints, varnishes, plaster, epoxy, various pigments, and fillers). Natural stones, which should be unusual, should think for a long time, which enhances the vibrations emanating from the image.
I am open to cooperation and various creative tasks. CONTACT me if you want to get a unique author's work permeated with deep meaning.

Emoyional portrait

Energy paintings


Interior design picture