Enchanted Revolution

Enchanted Revolution


Originally from a small town in Southern Oregon, Amanda is a versatile artist and musician who has always had a strong passion for the arts. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Costume and Make-up Design, she came to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue music and art where she has done both. She has performed with several rock acts and participated in art projects. Amanda has a wide variety of skills and a love for the dark and macabre. From book covers to CD and logo art for the rock and metal scene, clothing design, painting or sculpting; she is always busy with a creative project, whether it is tailoring a piece to satisfy a client need or the pursuit of her personal projects and goals. She loves attending musical events and participating in gallery shows whenever she can. Currently she resides in Los Angeles where she enjoys learning new skills, cooking, and continuing to make art and write music.

Zombie Portraits

Atomic Life

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