Rose Ananda Heart

Rose Ananda Heart

Hello and welcome to my gallery!.

My name is Rose and I'm an artist living in the Beautiful North West, near the shores of the Pacific Ocean. My creativity is inspired by the land upon which I live, by those whom I call kin. Since childhood, I've felt a deep connection to the Natural world around me, as well as to my animal companions. I grew up wandering both forest and meadow, a child engaged with her world.

After completing high-school I had no idea what to do next. I liked art and I was good at it, so I ended up attending a Liberal Arts University, earning a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Fine Art. After graduation, I took on teaching art at various venues and working a lot with children. I love their enthusiasm and their willingness to try new things. I've also created workshops in musical theatre and creative dance.

I continue to feel a deep connection with the Earth and a kinship with the animals on this planet. They come in so many forms and I believe that each one of them has something to teach us. My art reflects the things I care about, the depth of my spirituality and my sense of connection with all forms of life. I believe that life is deeply meaningful and when an animal shows up in my world, there is something valuable for me to learn from them.

After taking both a psychic development class, and learning about the elements of magic, I became inspired to create magical dolls called poppets. So far I have a line of Deva Cats, Guardian Dogs, and Blessed Bees available. Poppets help us to focus our energy in a particular direction. Science now confirms that where our attention goes energy flows. That is basic magic 101.

I hope you enjoy my offering.

Blessings and Peace

Magical Dolls, Charms and Poppets