Rose Ananda Heart

Rose Ananda Heart

Since childhood, Rose has been engaged in creative, artistic activities. She loved to play act, to draw, to paint, and to make up songs and sing them from a tree trunk stage in the middle of an apple orchard.

After completing high-school Rose attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here, she received a liberal arts education with a focus on fine art and early childhood education. (Although raised within Protestant Calvinism, Rose has found a new spiritual path based in Earth Mysteries.)

Over the years Rose has engaged in various creative vocations, including writing articles and scripts, designing illustrations, and creating choreography. Working with both adults and children, she has designed her own workshops facilitating meditation, listening partnerships, arts, crafts, creative movement, interpretive dance, and musical theatre.

Rose's art reflects her love and respect for Earth, whom she considers our collective sentient mother. As someone who has always felt a kinship with animals, she decided to make animals a central theme in her work. Animals are both allies and teachers for her. Rose is also very interested in mythology, paganism, folktales, and symbolism. These themes can also be found in her art work.

Currently Rose lives in North Vancouver with two adorable cats, and her dear son. Creating art is a central theme in her life. She is busy writing and illustrating, painting with acrylics, crafting with fabric as well as sewing her own clothes and accessories. Along with these more solo pursuits, Rose works regularly with children, facilitating and inspiring further creative expression.