Recent Work

Recent Work

What is art?

Aesthetically pleasing, thought provoking, historical record? Renditions? Or simply, it is what it is?

While most artists find their passion at a younger age, it took me some time to move beyond simple admiration into actual creation. I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by art and able to take enthralling classes in Art History from skilled professors at my high school in Birmingham, Alabama, New York University and El Instituto in Madrid, Spain. But there was a catalyst, a void in my life. To deal with the day to day strife, I sought solace; a temporary respite in creation.

A friend inspired me - shared wisdom and advice. The tumult in my head, while never alleviated completely, led to thoughts and solutions and evolved from a hindrance to a more beautiful goal. I began to notice the commonalities in various forms of artistic expression. I started seeing objects, colors and texture. And I sought to remember the emotional/intellectual impact. Is that something I could use? It started with a muse that planted a seed. Weeds abound but if you strive - look around - take the mundane and make it profound.

That to me is art.

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