Emma | June Photography

Emma | June Photography


"Hi my name is Emma and I am 5 years old. I like to thank people when they give me something very sweet. My favorite colors are pink and purple. I could take pictures all day long on Mommy's camera. I like to go to the park, go on explorations, and I like to color and draw pictures." -Emma June

"Hello everyone! Welcome to Emma's Gallery! Emma has been taking pictures since she could operate the camera on my phone and we all know that with today's technology that starts at a very young age... Turned out that she had an eye and took really awesome pictures. Well one day I wanted to see what she could really do and let her use my Nikon camera. I taught her the basics of how to take a good photo and to make the appropriate changes when needed, and this Gallery shows what this little girl can really do!

My next idea was to find a place where we could display her amazing talent and start a college fund. And here it is! All photos are approved by Emma, edited by Emma, and titled by Emma. I hope you enjoy and thank you ahead of time for your support!" -Anna Dearman (Mommy)