Emma Cownie Art

Emma Cownie Art



I am a professional Swansea-based artist, specializing in oil paintings. I have exhibited in various galleries, online galleries, in print and on digital LED screens throughout London, UK. I have one of the top best selling artists on Artfinder over the last two years and have sold widely on other online galleries such as artgallery.co.uk, and via social media such as facebook and twitter. I have sold several hundred pieces of artwork online. I have had hundreds of happy artloving customers before and my artwork hangs in homes across the world and in numerous countries.
I love light and colour. In my art I am drawn to light and shadows and how they shape our emotions. I remember visiting the South of France as a teenager and being mesmerized by the dazzling light, I have been attempting to capture that excitement about light in my paintings ever since.
I try and make my colours bold and bright but as realistic as possible. I aim to make people look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary beauty in it.




refractionist landscapes