First Gate

First Gate

First Gate is one step in art to discover the meaning and use of the Mandala.
I have been a Graphic Designer for more than 10 years, now I want to use art tools to discover how they can lead me in the search for the sense of life.

The mandala is a concentric structure and its meaning is unique and different to each mandala. Its design should be visually appealing so that the mind turns from chattering thoughts to a higher consciousness or awareness.

According to Carl Jung, mandalas represent the totality of the mind encompassing conscious and unconscious mind. He used them often in his therapies reporting good results for the patients.

Experts report that Mandala meditation has proven useful to boost the immune system, reduce stress, combat depression, lower blood pressure and reduce pain.

Art works always emit some energy, regularly it is the energy of the artist which is imbued in the work, and the environment where an artwork is placed could be enhanced or depressed by the influence of this energy. Mandalas generally enhance the energy producing an ambiance of peace, harmony and balance.

My artworks combine elements of the mandala structure with symbols and images of different religions and spiritual traditions and vibrant colors so that are attractive and pleasant to the viewer.

Thank you for visiting and hope you like my artwork!