emitt kyle

emitt kyle


Born in the U.K. in 1971 and although had no formal training in the arts became an art school gatecrasher at the University For The Creative Arts, Rochester, Kent. U.K. between 1995-2000. Aside from time spent wondering the corridors and studios and sneaking into lectures at the fore mentioned art institute I am a self-taught artist.

Emitt makes abstract minimalist and colorfield paintings concerned with the instability of form; the collapse and disintegration of mass. Looking at ideas in science regarding molecular structure and concepts of existence and nonexistence found in Buddhist and Taoist philosophy.

The composition of the work has been influenced by modernism and colorfield painting with an emphasis on the creation of negative space.

The paintings are made by placing stretched canvas on the floor. A brush is loaded with paint and then tapped gently above the canvas to give a spray effect; the surface becoming made up of small dots and splashes of paint. Layers of paint are applied one at a time; wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry depending on texture and visual effect desired. Each layer is of a differing tonal value. Each painting is made with as limited pallet of hues as possible.

The work is made with the intention to give the audience feelings of tranquility, peacefulness and calmness and a sense of commune with the universe outside and within.

2016 Feb-March 'BETWEEN' Exhibition @ Between Tea House, Taiwan.

2014 Feb-Mar 'LISTENER' Exhibition @ Sheme House, Taiwan.

2014 Jan-Feb 'PRIMARY COLOURS' Exhibition @ V.V.G. Taiwan.

2013 Solo Exhibition in Tamshui Art Gallery, Taiwan.

2006 Group exhibition Nucleus Arts Rochester, United Kingdom.