EMi the Creator

EMi the Creator


Hi! I am Ebony Michelle, or EMi for short. I create. My joy has been in using my hands to paint, sew, build and create for myself. I decided that 2019 was the year to share my joy!!

I’m the girl at the gallery standing a hair too close to the work. Many appreciate the big picture- I love the texture. The kind of bumps and grooves you can only experience up close.

My art is influenced by materials around me. As an educator, crayons seem to always be around! I am inspired by children, things that are bold and the things that define us. My brain explodes with ideas but I’ll start here. Join me on my creative journey as I explore the bumps and grooves I can create.

Scroll through and explore my whims. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for grooving with me! ;o)



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