Emi Energy Paintings

Emi Energy Paintings


My paintings are unique; created intuitively with a feeling that intertwines with my love for colours, stones and symbols. Every painting conveys its own message that was poured onto the canvas via colours and motives as an outcome of my seeking my own path, recognition, awareness, inner transformation and love for life. The vivid and intense colours I inspirationally paint onto the canvas instil in me a unique healing power, energy and harmony, creating a space for me to freely express my emotions while boosting my spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

As I paint, I become immersed in a magical world of colours that inspires me, fills me with insights and opens up all manner of creativity for me.

I am very fond of crystals – I can feel their energy and believe in their power and positive effects. I enthusiastically place them on my paintings where they merge with their energy and create a healing connection, while also adding a final touch.

To my great pleasure and satisfaction, my paintings have been very warmly accepted and many people report a sense of well-being and the presence of energies of peaceful serenity while in the vicinity of my paintings.

My mission, which I try to reflect in my paintings, is to impart the messages I am intuitively transferring onto the canvas to people, with the purpose and intention to improve their life so they attract only the good into their life.

Most paintings are made using acrylic paints on canvas or wood, they feature a mix of techniques and come in various dimensions. Some paintings also include additions of sand, wood, fruit seed and gilt. Most paintings contain a semi-precious or precious stone or crystal.

Every painting also comes with its own certificate.

With love, Eminjana - Emi

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