Amy Barth

Amy Barth

Based in UK and born in the EU in 1986 I am a self -learning abstract painter, I studied drawing and painting for a few years, around 16 years ago and gained the basic knowledge. I have to say that my interest has been all the time the abstract art and my work explores the wonderland between nature and life. The techniques what I use for my artworks is very various as I like to explore new ways and keep an open space for my creativity. Usually I use marker, acrylic and rarely oil and ink on my works. I like the contrast between the dark and vibrant colors as that is how I express my inner world. Around 6 years ago I started to work on paintings actively and I grab every moment and minute to create since then.

'The Beauty in the art is not to follow any rules, just open the gate for your creativity and then, magic will happen.' by Amy Barth


Oil and Ink