Dragons Nest


I have always loved art. I'm 25 now and starting to see if I can sell some of my goods.

I started as a leather artist, winning the National youth award called thr Anne Stohlman Award in 2011. I grew up in the countryside of Colorado, so my imagination had plenty of room to grow. The one thing that had always caught my fancy was fantasy. My nose was always in a book about knights, or dragons or magic, the best ones had all three of these. And when I discovered my leather crafting skills, I was off to the races.

In later years, I wanted to see what else I could do. I then found a book called Dragon Fire, and it inspired me to try skulping with clay. As I played witht the clay, I was able to watch my skills improve and grow a little more. I still have my dragon sculptures.

Eventually I discovered Art Dolls. I love how realistic the fictional creatures looked and had to try it out. My favorite artist in Art Dolls is Wood Splitter Lee, and her story inspired me to again grow and play with new mediums. With my leather crafting background, I was able to get a fox tail and made my first Fox Dragon art doll.

I look forward to expanding on my artwork more, and I look forward to seeing where my creativity takes me next.

The Nestlings