mulambo's Artpal gallery

mulambo's Artpal gallery

Digital creative since 2011.
I'm Emanuele from Italy and my official website is:
The link above redirects to my website which contains all my works (including all my best original artworks, music tracks and videogames). You can view, play and listen to all my works to get the picture of what I like and what I can do. All for free, but you can still donate if you feel grateful! :)

If you wish to donate directly, please use Paypal:

Or hire me at 99designs / designcontest for a logo design:

My works are done with absolutely free softwares like : MyPaint, Gimp, Blender and Inkscape (exactly! No Photoshop or similar Adobe products). The way I make my artworks is documented with step-by-step development screenshots and info at:

For feedbacks, custom commissions or further info, feel free to send a message to my facebook page.
Follow or like my page to stay always updated!

I've also had an account at Deviantart, but there was too much evil people there (pedophiles, scammers, perverts, cynical misanthropists and trolls) so I don't trust that site anymore and I'm using it no longer to show my works, it's also kinda useless too as my works are already shown on my site, my facebook page and here.

Well, now you know anything about me, I hope you'll like my artworks as well!

Have a nice day! :)

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