Eman W Cross


Eman W Cross is a Maltese-English born artist.

Eman Cross is also a dedicated Martial artist in the form of Hsing I and Tai Chi Chuan.
Which he describes as both Dionysianl art and Martial arts could be linked together.

Both Dionysian art and his Martial arts have the same approach, meeting the attacker head-on.

Cross is a dedicated artist in his own art, which he himself describes as "Dionysian Action Painting". Most of which paintings are done in a matter of a few minutes, if not seconds.

It is "Dionysian Action Painting", an ancient Greek art form based around "intoxication, frenzy, ecstasy, barbaric instincts". On the opposite end of the scale was Apollonion art, founded on imagination, balance, and restraint.

Cross describes his artistic drive as a state of delirium.

"I experience a crest of creativity which lasts for no longer than two minutes, by which time I have finished the painting. "It sometimes comes at a very unexpected moment." - he says.