Ely Greenhut

Ely Greenhut


Hello and welcome to Ely's art.
Ely was born in Brooklyn. At a very early age Ely discovered his unique talent of all types of art. From his unique jewelry that he designs to the colorful artwork posted on this website, Ely is always looking for new ways to draw and to show his artistic ability to the world. Ely's love for nature are expressed in some of the photographs he took in many parts of the United States & some others around the world.

All of the artworks were drawn pixel by pixel on very large formats. After the original artworks were finished some of the artworks were digitally mastered to create a modern or an imaginary look.

However Ely's art talent did not come easy.
When Ely was young he had a very serious accident and as a result he has paralysis on both his hands which makes it very difficult for him to create his unique art work. but he persisted and in over many years these are the beautiful results.

Ely's handmade jewelry can be seen on his other website at


Any comments or compliments would be great.
Ely's contact email is elygoldart@gmail.com

We are still adding new works of art. We hope to hear from you again.

Sunrise Sunset


Flowers summer

David'a Citadel Jerusalem

Winter landscapes

Shema Yisrael art

Abstract art

Jewish art

Jewish star of David