My name is Elvi Ismailaga.I'm a painter based in Albania.I encourage you to explore my painting gallery.
I have been painting since 2015.Painting and drawing to me is an experience that is very exhilarating as well as delightfully fulfilling.I really like to paint realistic,impressionist,expressive and colorful paintings with oil colors,acrylic and watercolor.The most favorite painting subjects that I'm inspired are portraits,landscapes and still lifes.Through the beauty of colors created by the sunlight,I am focused on working with vivid and expressive colors to create a state of expression and try to show the emotions and psychology that characterizes portrait of a person.My arts says more than these words can communicate.No matter the medium,my art has always been a manifestation of my personal emotional journey.I share my vison with the world in the hope of inspiring in a deeper connection between you the viewer and your own life
journey.I make art to encourage people to live deeply,love and to appreciate the beauty,emotinal and daily life in each moment.Painting for me is an opportunity to show the bare truth of what I see and feel about the world. I hope that in capturing these essences, my viewers feel a resonance in what they see in my work.
Digital paintings and illustrations are my new favorite styles of creating figures and scenes.Also I like to draw realistic figures with
carbon,pastel,pencil,pen etc.
Thank you for visiting my portfolio!

Nature & Landscape

Portait & Figures

Still life


Digital painting