Nonsence art

Nonsence art

My name is Guinivere ♥️

Welcome to my world of nonsence art ♥️

You may be saying ,what in earth is nonsence art 🍄

Well nonsence art is something very special indeed .one day I was trying to think of a title for my art style ,you see all the other wonderful and majikal peices of art out there ,just did not quite macth up to the same style as mine or what I was simply trying to protray.

Well with freinds one frosty afternoon , I was enjoying tea with freinds and well you see there quite majikal freinds indeed.
So there not just the normal kind of you get me 😉
And lore and forbid.
Nonsence art was born ♥️

So there you have it Nonsence art 🍄

A world of enchantment and pay , innerchild and magic 🌙

Each of my painting are orginal and have a enchantment spell upon them gaurunteed to bring excitement and a sence if playfull energy to those whom wish to connect to the painting it's self.

Enter my world of enchantment and majikal play .

All my art is something very special .
I travel to the forest or the ocean before I begin my peice ,to connect to the nature spirits and Fae.
To channel through the playfull msgs of the Fae ♥️
To bring a sence of joy and happiness to the lonely and those who have list there way.
Then my painting behind ♥️

Each had it very own magic and story to tell 🙃🌈

Welcome to the world of nonsence ♥️