Elven Glaze

Elven Glaze


"Thank you for visiting my gallery on ArtPal. For more than a decade, it was my dream to start creating my own unique and magical ceramic artwork. My online shop Elven Glaze is the last step in the process of building my own studio. “Elven Glaze” was initially given to one of my works as maybe you have already seen that mint green lantern with a Lothlorien leaf on one side. Yes, I am a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien fan and his magical and inspiring universe. Glaze is such a mysterious and unstable substance as much as elves are. If you are even a little bit into ceramics, you also know that glaze is almost like alchemy. You can never be completely sure about the results of a glaze-firing because it changes due to the conditions and techniques applied. That’s the reason I chose the name “Elven Glaze” for my shop. We all need a little bit of magic and surprise in our lives, don’t you think so?..." Okan Akkoyunlu.

To follow ElvenGlaze or Okan:
http://elvenglaze.wix.com/elvenglaze (studio website)
http://elvenglaze.wordpress.com/ (artist's blog on ceramics)
http://www.pinterest.com/okanakkoyunlu/ (artist's personal Pinterest)

To see the complete collection:
http://elvenglaze.tumblr.com/ (online galery)