Ello Jillo

Ello Jillo


I am in love with art yet I have never put myself or my art out there. I started taking photography classes in early 90s while living in Virginia, I must have taken thousands of photos. at last look, my most recent count on my latest phone had over 6k snaps!! I' ve only had that phone a few years now.

Recently, I was searching for some bay or beach prints to put up in my new bathroom renovation and I saw something that made me realize "Hey! I think my stuff is pretty good, maybe others might enjoy what I see too!

So... here I am, starting to share with all you good folks out there in the world. art via my snaps, my vision, my perspective, the even better news is that after 4 decades of not even attempting drawing or painting, I started about a year ago and so now I can share those as well.

Enjoy this day and God bless each one of you! I hope you see the beauty in what I see from this world. Ciao Bello!

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