Elizabeth Llewellyn Art

Elizabeth Llewellyn Art


Artist Bio:

Elizabeth Llewellyn is a pen and pencil artist whose earliest passion was horses. This obsession leads to her vocation as a professional horse trainer and riding instructor with the British Horse Society. Horses have always been a strong theme in her art, particularly British sporting breeds and subjects. Elizabeth works mostly in graphite, coloured pencil and ink and her style is realistic and illustrative. Her art has sold to private collectors in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, Germany, Canada, and the United States.

Artist Statement:

Humans and horses have enjoyed a close, symbiotic relationship for nearly as long as both have existed. Horses have been mankind's partners in work, travel, exploration, war, and sport. My art is an extension of my love for and enjoyment of horses. These wonderful animals have the unique ability to make humans better than they are. There is something truly magical about being at one with such a powerful yet sensitive prey species.

My artwork is created slowly and thoughtfully. Using photographs as a reference I adapt and enhance the artwork as I see fit. I often omit backgrounds as I want the viewer's full attention to be on the subject. I create work for those who are familiar with sporting horses and understand the collaborative role that exists between human and equine.