Ella Vegas

Ella Vegas


I began to paint as a play, but I'm learning the painting "alphabet" every day, and about my art "level" I want to be discovered and evaluated by art lovers.
I love my work, because there are my emotions and my peace of mind. I love abstract, point painting mandala, Aboriginal painting.
I went from pencils to various types and colors, from sharpie on paper to acrylic on canvas.
My work technique is the spontaneous shapes and colors, unconditionally, as I feel at the moment. Every day I get lost between colors and canvases, and I don't feel when time passes.
It is extremely difficult to identify, for example, an inspiration when painting abstract, but it is a state of concentration, which releases my imagination and also the mental control on the technical side.

My soul grows when I'm painting!

"If I could say it in words,there would be no reason to paint."Edward Hopper