Ella Blisss

Ella Blisss


Elisa is a mixed media artist based in Los Angeles.
She was born in Italy where she received formal art and classical piano training since she was 5.
Her works span from abstract, intuitive paintings to figurative expressive portraits. She chooses her subjects based on what moves and inspires her and that she can connect deeply connect to: musicians, dancers, friends, natural elements, animals, places, circus and carnival costumes, archetypes, vintage pictures, among others. She is also interested into capturing stories of struggle and portraiting in a hopeful light marginalized people, as the creative process becomes even more alchemical and transformative by delivering a rewritten version of a story nuanced with vibrant colors and fictional added details of cartoonish characters.

Her creative process fluctuates between subconscious flow of images, dreamlike states and structured execution. There's a tango between what she let free to flow and what she consciously chooses to represent and render.

She approaches the dynamic with an open state of mind that allows her to translate through art symbolic messages and visual allegories that capture the essence of evolutionary stages of civilization or collective moods and contemporary trends.

Her mission as an artist is to be unconditionally truthful and authentic to what she feels; the goal is to stay humble, forgetting agendas, and to be clear vessel through which unfiltered, unadulterated concepts, messages, memories flow directly into the artwork. She wants to celebrate life in all of its forms, give a voice and spread a message for those who are not heard, be loud and fearless in depicting societal challenges.

Her intention is to let the observer shape his/her own dialogue with the artwork and experience it with the highest degree of freedom. She wants to offer an experience, an occasion to connect with one's inner world, to move, connect, share through artistic expression what is hard to explain otherwise.

In her works she honors and reminds of the magic and the mystery that surrounds us and hides in plain sight in the most simple things. The characters and beings that populate some of her drawings and paintings stem from dreamlike states, she never fully knows them but the more she paints them, the more familiar they become and the more meaningful becomes the message that they carry. Metaphorically, they represent an invitation for the viewer to embrace the unknown and the blurred images in the subconscious mind, to trust them and relax without need to overanalyze and explain. The Red Book written by Carl G. Jung was a turning point for her approach to image-making.

Some of her recurrent themes are zeitgeist imprints, the tantric integration of opposites, paradoxes, the co-existence of fast technological progress and respect for nature, dedication to preserving biodiversity and protecting the Earth, the female body, body in motion, shadows, optical illusions that emerge from the sky, from walls, from trees.

#pain2power is the constant thread that she have found in the history and in the making of art, as from the deepest wounds seem to sprout the brightest gifts.

Figurative oil painting

Art on paper

A third wave, alchemy

Abstract/figurative paintings

Expressive Figurative Paintings