Ella Blisss

Ella Blisss


Elisa is a mixed media artist based in Los Angeles.
She was born in Italy where she received formal art and classical piano training since she was 5.

Her creative process fluctuates between subconscious flow of images, dreamlike states and structured execution. There's a tango between what she let free to flow and what she consciously chooses to represent and render.

She approaches the dynamic with an open state of mind that allows her to translate through art symbolic messages and visual allegories that capture the essence of evolutionary stages of civilization or collective moods and contemporary trends.

Her intention is to let the observer shape his/her own dialogue with the artwork and experience it with the highest degree of freedom. She wants to offer an experience, an occasion to connect with one's inner world, to move, connect, share through artistic expression what is hard to explain otherwise.

As an artist I like to experiment with different mediums and to explore both abstraction of figures and representation of figure.
I like to interpret what I see when looking at pictures or my surroundings through the lenses of inner vision and perception. I often translate into colors and distorted shapes my physical sensations, memories and emotions.
My subject inspiration spans through a variety of subjects, anything that moves me, inspires me and that I deeply connect to.

Some of my recurrent themes are zeitgeist imprints, the integration of opposites, paradoxes, nature and biodiversity, distorted human figures, gender identity, alienation. This year 2020 has propelled my message around how to transmute fear, pain, loss through the power of art, heart, beauty.
#pain2power is the constant thread that I have found in the history and in the making of art, as from the deepest wounds of the individual and the collective seem to sprout the brightest gifts and as #augmented-beauty seems to be the antidote to a society that fuels fear and duality. Art has always been and it is now more than ever a reminder of what being human really means.

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