Ella Botha

Ella Botha


My art is my portrayal and interpretation of nature’s abundance and the vastness of creation. Reflections of the myriad of earthly colours and textures.

I grew up in a rural environment where striking natural landscapes abounded. Land forms, seasonal moods and the infinite firmament had a profound impact on my perspectives. A desire to humbly mirror this exquisite dynamic on canvas became a constant need. My work is as much a subconscious, intuitive manifestation of this desire as it is a conscious choice to develop the expertise needed for my craft. It is my desire to show the beauty that can exist rather than a calculated expression of harsh reality that defines my art.

I am self-taught and have developed my technical skills through hard work and constant critical feedback, a spiritual love of nature has always been my source of inspiration.

Creating artworks that can offer a glimpse of the infinite nuances in nature, dynamic moments captured in time. This is a blessing beyond words and I feel deeply grateful to be part of it.



African Wildlife