Eljada Van Muijden

Eljada Van Muijden


Eljada graduated from the ArtEZ art academy in Arnhem, The Netherlands, in 1976. She majored in free painting and graphic techniques and did many minors including photography, anatomy, drawing techniques, portraits, cartoon drawing, digital art and art history. Eljada has been working as an independent art professional ever since. Here work consists of free painting, portrait art, drawing and illustrations, ceramics and sculpturing.

Eljada says over creating art.
For as long as I can remember I have drawn. It is like a second nature. In school, drawing during classes was of course never allowed, but I would draw on my legs or petticoat with a piece of chalk or even chocolate when I got the chance. When nothing was at hand, I used to draw pictures in my mind. As a child I had a strong urge to create, my parents gave me the space to develop myself. I started painting, discovered the possibilities of clay, plaster, textiles, wood, I worked with different materials.
Today that child is still in me, I love what I do, it’s like breathing, I can not do without.

If you want to buy my art and the shipping costs are too high, please contact us at eljadavm@gmail.com.
I send your order for the regular shipping costs NL € 7.95 < 10 kg. For shipping to other countries, I will inform you in advance.

Wil je werk van mij kopen en zijn de verzendkosten te hoog, neem dan contact op via eljadavm@gmail.com. Je kunt het afhalen in mijn atelier of ik kan het bezorgen binnen een straal van 15 km. Woon je verder weg dan verzend ik het werk per post voor de reguliere kosten NL € 7,95 tot 10 kg. Voor verzending naar andere landen informeer ik je vooraf.