Eliza Donovan

Eliza Donovan


Eliza Donovan is an artist living in South-Eastern Serbia. Being an impatient person who goes with the flow of the moment, Eliza paints in acrylics - a medium that dries quickly and lasts for ages.

---Artist Statement---

Painting is my way of letting the music of the Universe take up a visual form. It all started with a very boring radiator screen and a box of oils found in my grandmother's cupboard. The dull screen transformed into a beautiful Scottish landscape and every time I looked at it, I felt that painting was "the thing" for me.

When I paint, I'm neither in the present, nor in the past or the future. I forget what "myself" means. I feel a torrent flowing through me and I act, observe and follow. I live in the painting, yet I see it from both from the outside and the inside.

Most of my works are done in a modern expressionist style. I also enjoy dabbing my brushes in the world of abstract art.

Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes

Abstract Art