Suriani Artistry

Suriani Artistry

Elizabeth Suriani is an American Artist from Loveland, Colorado, who graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Fine Art and a minor in Art History. While at UWyo she primarily studied 2D art, including oil painting, and print making. Elizabeth had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy at Lorenzo de' Medici International Institute for four months during 2015. There, she studied architectural and figurative drawing, as well as fresco restoration.

During 2017-early 2020 she started to branch out with her materials and now works with mixed media, incorporating embroidery and watercolors on fabric. Over the past year, Elizabeth has now incorporated even another medium to her list of materials...plastic. She has recently had an art show to display this body of work in Bangkok, Thailand for their annual "Galleries Night" which included over 200 artists.

If you wish to see additional artwork or to order a commission, find her website at: