Elizabeth Oliver muddled photography

Elizabeth Oliver muddled photography


I have attempted to create a twist and a niche to everyday photography. I enjoy the color and patterns of God's unique designs. Muddled photography is altering and 'muddling' photographs in such a way as to frame and focus. Designs, shapes, and colors are often taken for granted because we see them everyday or their beauty is buried beneath a host of other things. Often distractions draw our attention away from an object's unique features. When a certain pattern or design is framed in an abstract way, the pattern or design can often be better appreciated or appreciated anew. Often times when a photograph is created in a hue or adjusted in ways in which our eyes are not accustomed to seeing it, the object's fresh sense of beauty takes on a fresh appreciation.
I've also chosen to add character to the artwork by naming these altered photos in a unique fashion. The titles I choose for the photos are added to the finished piece in lower case lettering and with no spacing or grammatical symbols so that the title 'A Beautiful Flower Along the Neighbor's Fence' appears on the muddle work as 'abeautifulfloweralongtheneighborsfence' carrying on the muddled effect.
I usually have at least a small portion of the original photo left to shine through amidst the muddle. I believe our world is full of confusion and pain. Many of us are blessed enough to be able to see some semblance of structure or at least one thing that makes sense in life. My art is based upon that approach to life. This world is muddled but thank God we sometimes have moments, meet people or enjoy something that lifts our hearts. I believe these small moments are signs that someday we will all be able to enjoy a world untouched with abstraction and muddle.


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