Elio Haddad

Elio Haddad


I am a Lebanese/Brazilian artist with great flexibility and development in various artistic expressions, with greater emphasis on sculptures, paintings and installations. One key approach of my art is the profound relationship of man with himself and his environment; I have been exploring this subject as a fictional reaction of nature and an allusion to what would be a mutation of the imaginary nature. With this proposal, I intend to extract deep reflection from the viewer facing these works.

Artist's Statement

I make art because it helps me connect with every one of you. In a way, it gives me the opportunity to deeply reflect about certain aspects of the human condition. Ironically, it helps me say what words fail to do, taking us back to the previous idea of limiting artistic manifestation to words.

Creating art is like diving in the ocean. The deeper you dive, the more you discover about your own potential and about the deep secrets of the ocean.

Abstract Paintings