My work represents feminine beauty and embellishment on one hand and the need for acceptance and loneliness on the other. It is about the feeling when you want to make yourself extra beautiful for that one special person and wondering what that person would think of you. When are you ever beautiful enough?
This concept is shown in portraits of nonexisting women with everything that makes them beautiful and sexy; long hair, jewelry, nudity..
Most of the portraits are made with fineliners, color pencils and markers.

About me personally:
My name is Eline Elsten, birthday 22nd of june '89, from Breda, The Netherlands. Married, I have a cat named Lemmy and I am an art teacher at a highschool.

For other work, detailed images and process pictures and videos I recommend you visit my instagram: instagram.com/elinemoos

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to send me a message! elinemoos@gmail.com, via facebook.com/elinemoos or instagram.com/elinemoos

Thank you for reading!



Gallery 2018-2019