Eliane Piccardi Art

Eliane Piccardi Art


Eliane Piccardi is a Brazilian visual artist who lives and works in Milan/Italy.

She graduated in Architecture from the University of São Paulo FAUUSP.
In Milan she worked as cover book designer for Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. In Florence she pariticipated in the training sessions in Antroppsophic Art Therapy.

Currently she works as painter, gives artistic support to some local cultural activities and offers art experiences to people of all ages.

In her art the vitality of colors is the key to create the dialogue between earthly and heavenly worlds.

Her recent exhibitions are:

Live painting during the show Saudades do Brasil, La Nena Eco Social Bistrot, Milano, Italy
On line live painting during the Sacred Dance meeting Back to the Roots, The Centrepiece/Findhorn Community-Scotland
"Correlazioni", collective exhibition, Le Arte Possibili, Stecca 3.0, Milano, Italy

30 artisti, 30 acquarelli, 30x30 per 30 giorni, Colorificio Pecchio, Milano, Italy
Rame, Le Arti Possibili, Stecca 3.0, Milano, Italy
100 artisti per 300 opere, Arte accessibile/Famiglia Orler, mostra online

L' Atelier dei Fiore, solo exhibition, Fabrica del Vapore, Milano, Italy
Brasil Oro, Verde, Blu, solo exhibition, Galleria Famiglia Margini, Milano, Italy

Nero Contemporaneo, Galleria Sara Arnout, collective exhibition, Milano, Italy
Eliane Piccardi, solo exhibition, Tangomorphosi, Milano
Rendere visibile l'invisibile, solo exhibition, Spazio Seicentro, Milano, Italy
Nas Cores, solo exhibition, Brazilian Consulate, Milano, Italy



Trees seasons series